I am an independent musician from Livorno, Italy. Songwriter, singer and guitar player, I had experiences both in Italy and in the U.S.A.

After years spent studying and playing rock'n'roll in the clubs of the Italian "underground" circuit, during the 2002 I self-produced my first album with my own songs. Over the years another eleven will follow, both solo and with various collaborations (Big Boss Band, The Running Chickens, Stefano Dentone & Antonio Ghezzani). In 2014 I had the opportunity to work in New York City with producer Lynn Verlayne. Together we released the EP "Stefano", which received praise both on the American and on the Italian market. My genre is the one I studied in my formative years: american classic rock with strong blues and country influences.

Parallel to the strictly artistic activity, over the years I have carried out a technical training which has allowed me to enrich my knowledge in the field of audio recording and music production. As a producer and/or sound engineer, to date in 2022, I have worked on the creation of 7 albums and 1 single.

In 2018 I conceived, produced and interpreted a show for schools and theaters. Titled "Revolution - the ten commandments of rock history", it’s a journey through the careers of ten fundamental rock'n'roll figures who, with their art, have characterized music and influenced society since the 1930s.

In February 2021 was released an acoustic album titled "Aut / Out". The album, which sees the participation on four songs of the multi-instrumentalist Valentina Fortunati, has eleven original tracks, written both in english and in italian, and wants to reflect on the growth of the human soul when faced with important choices. Also in 2021 I published "Recycled", an album which saw me reinterpreting some songs I wrote and already published with another artistic project.

But the most important activity is the new project named “Stefano Dentone & The Sundance Family Band”. In fact, at the beginning of June 2022 "Sunday Ranch" was released. This is a new album with a strong country / blues flavor with 11 original songs written by me and in which the influences of American folk music are very strong. This is the line up of the Sundance Family Band on my side in this project: Chiara Cavalli (violin), Francesco Coppedè (double bass), Marco Fontana (electric guitar), Valentina Fortunati (mandolin), Filippo Meloni (drums). The album was released through an indipendent italian label named  GO COUNTRY RECORDS.