Concept and staging by Stefano Dentone 

REVOLUTION is a theatrical show, but also a "lesson / concert" for middle school children. 

A journey in ten stages. Ten artists who have defined and sculpted rock music more than others. Ten musical projects that have contributed in a fundamental way to establish the commandments of popular pop music as we know it today. After the passage of each of these ten characters, the world has never been the same. Their music as a revolution in society ... as an instrument through which to create thoughts, reflections, fashions, styles, etc ... art and artists who, as such, have shaped their environment and influenced society even in the years following their own era.

Never as in the second half of the twentieth century has the musical world been able to influence people's critical thinking and these are perhaps the ten characters who have most succeeded in this undertaking. Heroes often involuntary, sometimes aware, but always decisive. Each of them has added a fundamental and essential "ingredient" to the recipe of rock music in the most popular sense of the term. Essential references for anyone who wants to approach pop music, both as a student, as a professional, or as a simple enthusiast. A path that the younger generations should know for the musical and socio-cultural phenomenon that these artists have represented.

The aim is to give an input ... to stimulate curiosity for, it is hoped, to start research that will allow us to enrich critical skills in listening to modern pop music and have an extra tool to better understand the society in which we live.